Joe is your average guy; he's not rich, he's not too good looking, and he sure as hell Isn't smooth.........

Joe went to Daytona for Spring Break.
It must have been the Beach and the Booze, cause Joe had one hell of a week, So good that he can't remember what he did with who, where?

Can you help Joe figure what he did with each girl, where he did it, and what day it was?

1. The threesome, which didn't include Kelly, didn't happen on the Sofa.

2. On 3 consecutive days, first to last, Joe had Sex, hooked up with Jena, and got busy in his car.

3.Joe did Jessica earlier in the week than his encounter in the bathroom, which didn't happen with kelly.

4. Joe did not have Plain Sex with Kristi.

5. The day before Joe met Amber, he got freaky on the Sofa, and the day after Amber, he had Anal Sex.

6. Joe was with Kelly the day after he got a Blow-Job, which wasn't Monday.

7. Joe didn't have Anal Sex on the Beach.


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