Joe was doing fine, he had a full week of plans with a bunch of beautiful ladies...things were looking good.

Then he woke up in the Twilight Zone
It turned out every girl had a fucking twin, he tried to keep them all straight but by the end of the week it was a mess.....

Help Joe for fuck sakes....were talking twins here...

1. Joe's supposed to go to a Club with Rebecca. Her twin is not Cheyenne or Kaylee one of which has nice Round Tits, the other is going to a Movie.

2. Kimmy is the C-Cup. Joe's supposed to meet Savannah at her place, her twin is not Cheyenne. Sara is not the one with Perky Tits who's going to the Beach.

3. Michele is the one with Huge Nipples. Kateyln's twin is not Erin who is going to the Library.

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