After a surprise inheritance from a great aunt, Joe has found himself with a fancy new pad. A huge mansion on a sprawling estate, with a pool and it's own Playboy style Grotto.

So of course he did exactly what we all expect from Joe: he held a massive orgy. Hundreds of people showed up, including some of our familiar favorites like Chloe and Faith. Of course for some reason we didn't get invited, so you'll have to piece together who went where on the sprawling estate.

Each person visited 4 adjacent areas (
up, down, left,right. No diagonal, since when have you seen a diagonal hallway?) and didn't double back. And each area was visited by 2 of our old friends only.

So can you figure out who went where?

Joe checked out the action in the Grotto and the Bedroom.

Chloe went skinny dipping in the Pool and the Kitchen, actually she went to all four of her rooms wearing nothing, which seemed to be the theme among the guests.

Angie hit up the Front yard for some grass stains and the Dining Room where she left a nice ass print and puddle on an antique table.

Faith was in the Hottub blowing more than bubbles, but did not make it to the Pool House.

Celeste was apparently feeling kinky and made sure to visit the Tool Shed and Closet, where she created a line up to bang her.

Kelly fucked in the Study and Hall.

Joe and Celeste met up in two rooms together, as they always mange to meet up some how don't they?

Chloe and Faith hit two rooms together, and taught the boys how to take care of a woman properly, which drew quite the crowd.

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