Chloe's parents headed down to Arizona for a nice 3 week vacation like they did every year, her dad would golf all day, while her mom sat by the pool slowly drinking herself into a coma, when she wasn't hitting on the pool boy at least.

Chloe decided to take advantage of the whole situation and have Joe over while her parents were gone.......

It would have all worked out fine.....if Chloe's mom hadn't discovered her dad exploring the 19th hole of one of the club house waitresses........They flew home early and just called from the airport.

Can you help Joe and Chloe clean up their little mess before the shit hits the fan and makes even more of a mess on the ceiling?
(Don't assume a Kitchen can't have a Jacuzzi, or a Hallway for that matter)

1. The Massage Lotion isn't in the Bedroom or Livingroom. The Jacuzzi doesn't have the Small Cum Stain (which isn't in the same room as the Massage Lotion or the Anal Beads).

2. The Butt Print isn't in the Bathroom or the Livingroom, & the Livingroom doesn't have the Vibrator in it. The Table doesn't have a Small Cum Stain on it.

3. The Anal beads are lying on the Floor which isn't covered in Blood Stains.

4. The Table And the Ceiling are fine in the Bathroom, which is filled with Condoms.

5. The Large Cum Stain is on a Wall in the Hallway, which isn't anywhere near where the Massage Lotion and Vibrator were thrown.

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