Logic puzzles are a thinking kind of game, so turn around now if you're too stupid for "brain puzzles"

The idea is simple; I'll give you a few clues, from these clues you've got to figure out what's going on.

Of course most logic puzzles are boring and dull: like these 5 people went to 5 supermarkets and they bought 5 fruits blah blah blah who bought what?

That's boring and sure isn't a hell of a lot of fun.

I believe in Edu-tainment.
More specifically Sexual Edu-tainment.


How To Do It

The easiest way to solve one of these puzzles is to use the chart provided for you for most of the puzzles. So Print the Page out...

Simply use "x" for things that arent true and color in the boxes that are true. (Or use whatever system you want I don't give a fuck).

See the Example on the Right..........>

Here's the clues:
1. Kelly's last name does not end with the letter "N".

2.Tim's last name is not a color.

3. Joe's last name is Smith.

Taking those examples the chart would look like this....................>

Joe's last name is Smith, so I colored in that box, and put "x" 's next to Smith across the rows (Cause no one else can be named Smith). Joe can't have 2 last names so....more "x" 's down underneath Joe's name.

I also put X's under Kelly's name for any last name that ended with "N"

Same for Tim on any last name that was a color.

If your getting this you should be able to tell me Kelly & Tim's last names.......



Kelly Black
Tim Hampton
Joe Smith

Solutions will eventually be provided, until then
E-Mail me with your answer and I'll tell you if you're right or not.