I build ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!

I make things that I would like to have, that are meant to be used. I expect the things I buy to work the way they are supposed to. I have big hands and a penchant for dropping things, so when I build things, I build them well.

I’d rather spend more to buy something that will last forever, than spend less on something I have to throw away. I like to fix things that break, I feel that each repair adds to the story of the item, like scars and tattoos added to our bodies tell our stories.

I’m just a guy working out of his backyard garage. I teach friends and anyone willing to learn how to build the things they want as well (you might even occasionally find them for sale here). When you purchase items from my store, the profits go to buying more materials, more tools, & fixing broken equipment, so we can learn and build more things. Oh, and beer for the workshop fridge, we are a very social bunch after all. We also donate a percentage to charities that work to restore sight and prevent eye diseases, because that’s what Banksy does “expanding the market” as he calls it. We think that’s hilarious and kinda sweet, plus we all really like being able to see.